Accessibility statement

I want as many people as possible to be able to use this website. This accessibility statement explains the accessibility features of this site. It also provides an overview of known issues.

This accessibility statement applies to the website I (Sarah Stanford) own and manage this site.

When you use this website, I want you to be able to:

  • use your browser to change the colour, font, and contrast level of the site
  • scan, read, navigate (and ultimately) understand the content on the site with ease
  • see all text on coloured backgrounds (with appropriate contrast)
  • zoom in without losing any text
  • access this site across devices with different screen sizes
  • get around in the way that works best for you, by using a mouse, your keyboard or voice recognition software
  • listen to text and text alternatives on the website using a screen reader.

Known issues

I am aware that some parts of the site will not be accessible to all users.

  • Links may not have enough contrast to the surrounding text for some users. They are a different colour and weight to the rest of the text.
  • In some sections, the colour contrast only meets a AA WCAG 2.1 standard (not AAA).
  • The tone of some articles (in the writing section of the site only)┬ámay be implied by formatting. This will not be picked up by screenreaders, and there is no non-text alternative.
  • Some pages may be easier to navigate using a keyboard and screenreader than others. WAI-ARIA attributes may be missing or not applied as they should be.
  • The form to sign up for my Substack will not re-size as well as other parts of the website.
  • Some assistive technologies may not be able to read the descriptions within the form fields. All form fields are labelled.

Get access or give feedback

If you have trouble accessing information on this website please contact me. I also invite your feedback on the accessibility of this site.

You can contact me if:

  • you need any of the information on this website in another format (for example, accessible PDF, large print or audio recording)
  • you find any problems that I have not included on this page
  • you think I am not meeting accessibility requirements.

Contact Sarah Stanford