Let's make your content work harder for you

I’m Sarah Stanford, an independent content strategist who helps:

  • small to mid-sized business make better content decisions, through fast, targeted and fun strategic interventions.
  • content consultancies, web developers, product managers and other content-adjacent people reach their goals through content.

You’ve got goals. Content can help.

Whether your goal is total world domination, or getting clear on the best next step, there’s a content solution for that.

Goal: Help your audience have a good time online.

You need the right words (images, video infographics, tools and other content), in the right place. Having a good time online comes from a combination of,

  • Easy to find information (where and when the audience expects it).
  • Less friction in online journeys and decision making.
  • An accessible experience, that invites everyone to play.
  • Words that echo your brand and purpose.

To do all that, you’re going to want a content designer in your corner.

Goal: Sound like you, but better.

No doubt your big idea is within reach, but you/your team don’t quite know how to articulate it. Sounding like you - but better - comes from having a solid framework for you/your team to draw from. A framework that includes,

  • A deeper understanding of the personality and positioning of your brand.
  • Useful guidelines for how the brand should sound.
  • Clear messaging statements that share a consistent point of view.
  • Common language for feedback, review, and approval.

It’s time to tap into the big ideas that drive your business, and build a usable verbal brand and messaging framework.

Goal: Improve your content processes (for more/better/faster creation, approval, and maintenance).

When creating or maintaining content feels a bit like wading through peanut butter, or you’re ready to scale, it’s time to invest in your content strategy. A strong content strategy looks like,

  • A set of principles that guide the creation, governance, and distribution of content.
  • Clarity around the mission of your content, and how it can support your business goals and your audience’s needs.
  • Workflows for the creation, approval, distribution, and maintenance of content.
  • A model for content measurement and improvement.

A content strategy could be a one-page overview for your own reference, or a core business document that spans multiple teams and divisions. Either way, it’s a pathway to reducing inefficiencies, staying on track, and ensuring you get the most from your content investments.

Goal: Create a more accurate scope (and therefore quote) for website design or copywriting.

Or get a structure to follow if you’re DIY’ing your site, copy, or both.

You have information to share, but you need to know where to stick it. Give your designer, developer, and copywriter (hey, that might be me) the detail they need by defining,

  • A site structure that can scale with you, and accounts for your content needs now and in the future.
  • Audience-centered plans for each page, so the right people get the information they need, in the way they expect it.
  • A list of website requirements that balances the things that will make your life easier, with your budget and ideal timeline.

Make sure your website investment lasts, with someone who can marry the technical and content aspects of website creation with a brain for business.

Let’s make change through content

Want to speak to the right people, at the right time, right across your digital footprint? Need a strategy to move you from ‘ad hoc’ and ‘hit and miss’, and into a confident position to create, approve, and maintain content?

I’m your girl.

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