Meet Sarah

Brain and hands for hire, to help you work through any complex content problem.

If you want someone in your corner (as a service provider, contractor, or freelancer) to bridge the gap between content, technology, and experience - who just happens to have a strategic, commercial business mindset - call me, maybe?

5 things you should know

I'm driven by curiosity

I’m a questioner by nature. I was the kid who always asked ‘why’, and proudly told everyone the answer when I knew it.

I’ve worked hard to turn my overwhelming (and sometimes annoying) curiosity into one of your greatest assets.In a room full of opinions, my questioning helps me sift through what everyone is saying to find common ground. I’m rapidly analysing information as I listen, honing in on key messages and themes.

It’s my secret weapon to taking a good brief, getting to the heart of a brand’s key messages, running a workshop… and managing passionate dinner party conversations.

I have a crystal ball

I’ve polished it really well over the decade (+) since I first sat in a digital content role. If you want to know more, read my resume.

I’ve worked across different parts of the digital experience including,

  • Taking on LinkedIn as a community and content manager at a competitor tech startup,
  • Managing digital marketing for mid-sized business clients,
  • Working as an in-product UX and content specialist and,
  • Designing large-scale headless CMS and Sharepoint intranet environments.

I’ve seen projects ride a rollercoaster of scope and intent changes from start to finish. I’ve seen projects get canned at the final ‘go live’. And I’ve seen projects that (gasp) ran smoothly.

I’ll never tell you that my crystal ball is foolproof, but it’s been tested through experience, and it gives me confidence and clarity when advising you on your next best step.

If I can bring Top Gun into a conversation, I will

This is that moment.

“I feel the need, the need for speed.” Sometimes.

A successful content project walks the line between speed and control, thinking and acting, Maverick and Iceman.

From a sales page, to a full website, or a publishing system that crosses multiple digital touch-points, you need the best blend of both approaches to be successful.

Don’t “lose that lovin’ feeling” with your content. Get the balance right.

I like money

By which I mean, I understand the commercial imperative of operating a business.

You’ll never hear me promise to fix all the problems, or make you the millions. But I will be brutally honest about your processes, systems, and content, and how they might cost you now and in the future.

I don’t cope well with inefficiency. I’m a good person to have in your corner when you need to make sense of the mess, or uncover places where you’re not getting the most from your content or process. At the end of the day, I want you to know that what you’ve spent in terms of time, money, and effort has been worth it.

Forget a business mission, I’m all about ambitions

Not to take over the world, but to make change in my little corner of the internet.

I’m here to,

  • Partner with growth-minded businesses and agencies who need to squeeze the most out of their content investments.‍
  • Help clients and partners unlock future efficiency and balance the value of cost, time, and outcome.‍
  • "Lead through content", demonstrating a better way, supporting businesses to get unstuck and embed better processes and practices with content at the front.‍

And most importantly, to create a world where useful, usable, accessible and inclusive content is the rule, not the exception.

The 100 word bio

Sarah is a content designer, strategist, and copywriter here to help you make better content decisions.

Based in Dubbo, NSW, she provides a mix of strategic and practical support to businesses with ambitious plans for growth. Especially when those plans get a little complicated.

She's driven by curiosity, loves history podcasts, and doesn't believe in being a casual observer - it's obsessed fan or nothing.

Her career has included stints in online community management, PR, conference research and production, and digital marketing. No matter what the job, her special skill is helping other people tell their story.
Sarah, a blonde woman in her 30s wearing a bright pink jumpsuit, eats icing off a beater in front of a neon sign saying 'enjoy life eat cake'.

My brain + your content problems = your next best move?

Every day, I help teams big and small (and maybe it’s just you) to,

  • Check.
    Get clear on what to say, where to say it, and how to get the work done.
  • Check.
    Know their point of difference and how to share it consistently.
  • Check.
    Organise their information for usability and clarity.
  • Check.
    Unstick sticky content days with brainstorming, accountability, training and advice.
  • Check.
    Get compelling, clear copy that answers audience needs.

Let's get to work, and make your content work hard for you.

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The feedback I’m most proud of 👉

"It's amazing to talk to someone that has real genuine interest in your business and wants to help it succeed."
“You’ve changed my working definition of “content” and solidified (? Expanded? Flexed?) its meaning. It’s a harmonious masterpiece of moving parts that make up the whole ecosystem. It’s the words, structure, processes, strategy, ethics, to define our standards and more importantly who we are and what we stand/strive for in our business.”
[When asked what was your favourite thing about working with Sarah]

"Your passion and dedication has to be the first cab off the rank here, without that we wouldn't have been able to overcome as many challenges as we did. The fact that you are just a really good person made it easy to trust you and your judgement.”
“My favourite thing about working with Sarah was her brutal honesty - this is what I paid for! I liked that Sarah wasn't a 'yes' woman. She actually told me the blunt truth.”