Not Quite Content

I share ideas and tools that make content better*.

*for you and your audience.

See how.

What is content anyway?

From influencers to the little fruit and veg shop that posts their weekly specials on Facebook, every business is in the business of content.

When I say content, I mean all the words (mainly words) images, videos, tools, and other things that take up space on the internet.

This newsletter spans the realms of content design, content strategy, and user/customer experiences.

It also takes tangential dives into ideas that drive online business: like productivity, creativity, and culture. It's a little glimpse into my brain, chasing the tail of unsettling feelings I need to make sense of.

If you work on the web, this newsletter is for you.

I write for the people who steer the content ship in business. Any business.

Maybe that means you're a "solopreneur", a copywriter, or a CEO guiding a business through digital change. Maybe you're a UX writer, content designer, or a marketer.

Whether you steer content through its creation, governance, leadership or application, I want to share these ideas with you.